Erasmo and Julia
True love is hard to find in the world today, especially in Mexico. One in ten stories ends happily, and fewer still with “they lived happily ever after together”.

Erasmo, Melisa, and Julia
When pregnant Julia came to us at the age of 14, it seemed highly unlikely that her story would end happily. Her past, riddled with extreme poverty, abuse, heartache, and desperation had left her abandoned, unwanted, and pregnant. She lived with us throughout her pregnancy; long enough for Nicole to help deliver the baby. She tried to give her life to God, but years’ worth of habits are hard to break. She backslid, finally leaving with her 6-month old baby girl, Melisa. Although many of the girls we take in do leave us, most return again, so we had hope that she would be back. As it turned out, God had planted a seed in Julia’s heart that couldn’t be ignored.

Seeing Erasmo, one can hardly believe the stories told about his past. At a very early age, he became heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol and was dealing drugs for a living in Mexico City. When his mother was diagnosed with cancer, she repented and gave her life to God, there in her village of Xaltepec. Her phone calls every month or so were tolerated, but Erasmo had no interest in God, listening only for her sake. At her death, he was flooded with anger at the God who had betrayed his mother.

That night, in a dream, he saw his mother sleeping. A man with wavy hair wearing a long white robe covering his feet knelt down and picked his mother up, cradling her in his arms. “Your mother is safe now. She’s with Me,” was the assurance by this man and when Erasmo awoke, his anger was gone. It was life-changing. With miraculous new-found determination, Erasmo cleansed himself of all alcohol and drugs, returned to his village, and sought out the church his mother attended.

Just before we moved here to The Village in October 2009, Julia came to see Nicole and told her that she had met a Christian man and they were moving in together. Obviously we had our doubts about him, though we expressed a desire to meet him. A year later, Nicole contracted Typhoid fever. When Julia (who was pregnant again) received the news that Nicole was bedridden, she, Erasmo and little Melisa came to visit her. They shared that they wanted to serve God and live as God commands. They moved in with us that day.

The similarities in their pasts have kept them humble and from judging each other. Their love for each other and for God is evident in their lives and Erasmo is almost never without a song of praise to God on his lips. Erasmo loves Melisa as though she is his own child. She calls him “Daddy” and cries for him when he isn't around, preferring him to everyone else.

They were legally married November 9th, and they are expecting another daughter January 21st.

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