Missionary Juan Presses On

Juan Velazquez Munoz grew up in San Lorenzo, a small town in Mexico with a big reputation for being a bad place. Juan didn't exactly do much to lift San Lorenzo's stature, as he was known in town as a heavy drinker and brawler. No one would have ever suspected that he would one day be a preacher (and a Heaven's Family-supported missionary)! Juan was turned on to Jesus as a result of an encounter with Heaven's Family-supported missionary Jason Fitzpatrick. After his baptism, his zeal to serve the Lord surpassed even his former zeal to serve the devil. Both he and his wife, Bertha, immediately began sharing the gospel with their families and folks in nearby villages. Now, five years later, Juan and Bertha's zeal for God hasn't waned, even though they've been mocked, rejected, and persecuted. Juan is a full-time missionary, serving under the ministry of the man who led him to the Lord—Jason Fitzpatrick. In a recent email, Juan told me, "Our days are busy and we do get tired, but we are blessed to see good fruit being produced and our King glorified. Twenty people came to Jesus last month. That is what it is all about!" Juan's monthly sponsors in Arizona, California and Michigan not only share in his joy—they will one day share in his reward. By Jody Walter

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