Discipleship Training

 In the Scriptures we see that Jesus was radical and since He is the same yesterday, today and forever, He still is RADICAL. We want to be be like Jesus. We are serious about forming kingdom disciples. Our discipleship is one of laying down our lives for others by example and a few words are needed here and there while we are on our cross. We follow the example of Christ by not only speaking of the Logos (Word) of God but by coming into a living fellowship both spiritually, mentally and materially with one another as the Word's body on earth. By this we know that we are His disciples.

 Because we love God and one another, Christ is in us, we live by a “relational dogma” and work out our salvation with fear and trembling together. 


Heaven's Family funded the printing of 2,000 disciple making books in Mexico written by my friend David Servant. We have already distributed over half to ministers, house churches and prisoner groups:

Spanish: http://www.shepherdserve.org/espanol/dmm_spanish/dmm_spanish_main.htm

English: http://www.shepherdserve.org/for_ministers.htm



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