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The Fitzpatricks- Sed, Jasmine, Nicole and Jason

In 1988, at the age of 15, a missionary challenged me to go to Bolivia to visit some of the churches planted by American missionaries. Meanwhile, Nicole was with her parents who were missionaries in Guatemala where later I would spend 10 months, meeting my future wife. We were married in Mexico in 1992 and our two beloved children were born, Sed in 1995 and Jasmine in 2001. We lived in a village called Xochiatipan for eleven years, planting churches. Then, in 2003, we were sent to Puebla to pioneer a new work.

That is when The Village Global was born and we are so excited about the growing kingdom among us that was, is, and is to come as a final sacral empire.   

"We have this commandment from Him, that he who loves God should love his brother also." 1Jn 4:21

Thou shalt not turn away him that needeth, but shalt share all things with thy brother, and shalt not say that they are thine own; for if you are fellow-sharers in that which is imperishable (immortal), how much more in perishable (mortal) things?” – Didache A.D. 100? Pronounced Did-ah-kay

Our friend David Servant wrote an article about us that you may enjoy here at his Heaven's Family website(http://www.heavensfamily.org/special_reports/2008_10).

On his site you will see an array of wonderful projects that support the poorest of the poor. 100% of funds designated to the various ministries go directly to the people! We love him and his family dearly. Go tohttp://www.shepherdserve.org/newsletter.htm and sign up for his newsletters and e-teachings. You will be glad you did!

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