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Mal. 4:2


The Village Global Holistic Model


  1. Plant churches in a strategic location.

  2. From those churches select and train dedicated leaders to care for the needs of the saints with fraternal love and fellowship.

  3. Buy land (6 acres or less) for “Villages” with accessible secure water.

  4. Build the infrastructure – Dorms, schoolrooms, bathrooms, showers, kitchen, dining room, auditorium...

  5. Kingdom families, missionaries and those who will be taken in begin to move on and form the Village. Capacity of 50-100 residents.

  6. Monday-Friday 12pm everyone is occupied in their duties – Schooling, kitchen, fields, maintenance, businesses...

  7. Friday 12pm-Sunday the men and women who are missionaries plant and tend to the churches.

  8. The Villages become a refuge and home to all those who need a kingdom family. The desperately poor, orphans, widows, mistreated women, street children, dysfunctional families who need community, anyone who wants to serve on a daily basis but outside the Village finds themselves enthralled in a constant state of crisis due to being in a third world economy... Only with a sustainable community can we rescue.

  9. Within three years after initiation (not always possible) the apostolic team will leave the Village in a “perfect”, holistic state, returning to visit and keeping in contact. The Village must be totally self-governing, self-propagating and self-sustainable without the assistance from donors outside the local region. The 6 points that must be established – Education, leadership, industry, spiritual community, health and agriculture. The urgency of fast-tracking Villages with a determined militancy is due to the “house on fire” condition of men, women and children in the grips of evil and ungodly suffering.

  10. Repeat the same process but improve efficiency and care as we gain experience and more gifted leadership. Village 1, then Village 2... There also can be several Villages being established simultaneously depending on both human and material resources.


Concentrating on mini-communities in the third world ensures our investment is going to those most deserved. We may not be able to solve all of Latin America's problems but we can solve the problems of each Village we build together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Village Team


For those interested we are forming a team that will work together to help kingdom communities in Mexico to have the tools to sustain themselves and all those who they take into their care with 6 fundamental human needs – Education, Leadership, Industry, Spiritual Community, Health and Agriculture



Public education is not simply basic - Mathematics, Science, History... which even in itself is often less than adequate in Mexico, the poorer the student the less options available, but the children are often educated in negative ways as well. They learn more from the students more often than the teachers and a good majority of children who once had a Christian influence do not graduate with a good outcome much less with a kingdom education. Knowledge is power if accompanied by execution, proven success and within the Kingdom. Without these latter three, knowledge is simply theory, fruitless or kingdomless (stored up for oneself).    



Boys and girls, young men and women to be properly raised/educated in a complete kingdom environment need to have the nurturing of women, the iron and protection of men and the presence of strong alert brotherhood. They need to be taught what it means to share and sacrifice for others, to have community roots, responsibility, to serve others, to be productive and to be diligent in all forms of education.



Without industry, growth is impossible. Saving children, rescuing trafficked girls, planting churches, having teachers and materials to educate, transportation, funds for medical costs, food and shelter, giving leaders the means to lead, putting the idle to work to distribute burden... all comes to an abrupt end without enterprise. All of the other 5 human needs are all supplied by industry. It is the foundation and at least ½ of all energy and investment must go into it in order for the others to get off the ground.


Spiritual Community:

Didache – Complete kingdom, Biblical, historical and holistic education

Koinonia – Instructional and exemplified

Prayer and Worship – Training in both liturgy and musical composition



Support for healing ministry by gifted brothers and sisters. The creation of a network of medical contacts, medication suppliers and an account for those medical needs that cannot be supplied by benevolent means. Nutritional teams for prevention, oversight of community nutrition and goods.



Engineers to analyze soil, composting, selection of seed and plant varieties, training and community organization.


  • Some things to consider – Mexicans are not starving to death, they have social medical services though transportation, long term caring and many of the medications are not covered, they have public education but filled with much immorality and bad influence, they have some industry though it be heavily manual, comes with no benefits, and often they are not paid, they have agriculture but mostly the poor are planting on steep mountain sides in very adverse conditions, they have churches but with no income to meet the demands of the vast needs around them nor are they taught to confront them. The greatest poverty is the inability to help those in desperate conditions. Some able bodied men only want their burdens lightened because they are so heavy but are not willing to lay down their lives for others if given the means. Those are not to receive constant assistance only those men who are tireless burden bearers. This is where apostolic leader selection comes in.

  • Building Village communities (50-100 people) that have kingdom leadership with the men being employed by a community SME (small-medium enterprise) can create communities where half are 'strong' (have supporting kingdom families) and half are 'weak' (taken from the streets, rescued from exploiters...). They will also be capable of planting churches in the surrounding area and have the financial means to help brothers and sisters outside the Village with crisis need.

  • Concentrating on creating an ekklesia community that is empowered to conquer the darkness and show that cooperative kingdom labor is both possible and effective will create hope and a living example to follow. Getting them to the empowered stage will produce dignity, community ownership, success at confronting evil, sustainability and interdependence on local kingdom resources both human and material.

  • There must be a start, construction period, goals, deadlines and a time to turn it completely over to the Village elders. Industry is the most difficult so putting it in place even before the intentional forming of a Village will secure success.





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